December 26, 2009

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Editorial Mission:

CALABAR magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle publication about Brooklyn home decor, fashion, culture and the arts. It explores people and places of this unique borough through the lenses of some of its resident writers.

The magazine features insights of award winning poet Patricia Spears Jones in her column,Cosmopolitan in Brooklyn, fashion maven Bonnie Sandy-Sterling on Fashion in Brooklyn; essayist and photographer Laylah Amatullah Barrayn on Culture, Travel & Heritage with Food Editor and Columnist, Wendy Taylor.

Each issue of CALABAR magazine contains three distinct feature sections: Home Decor, Fashion, Culture, Travel and the Arts.

The Home Decor section showcases homes and interiors of living places in Brooklyn. Explores emerging trends in home design, interior decoration, furniture and features products made in or from the borough.

The Fashion section covers design personalities, style, trends and businesses found in and exported from Brooklyn.

The Culture,Travel & Heritage section covers sites, vacation places, escapes and holiday destinations in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and South America. Some articles are written by Laylah Amatullah Barrayn.

Our Columns are educational and opinionated.

Cosmopolitan in Brooklyn: Opinionated views of Patricia Spear Jones

Food & Dining: An Insiders’ look at eateries in Brooklyn

Working your Creative Business Enterprise: A business tips column written by Atim Annette Oton.

CALABAR’s editorial calendar is defined by the themes:

January/February – Early Spring Fashion and Home Decor Preview:

What’s in and what’s out? In Central Brooklyn, who and what neighborhoods are setting the standards for Brooklyn: Prospect Heights, Bed Stuyvesant or Crown Heights? Who is hip? Who is innovative and far-out remarkable? Our best of best settingthe standards creates the list by singling out out-of-this world trend-setters. Finally, what is Black History month doing for black people?

March/April: Design and Style and/or The African Issue:

From Nigeria to Brooklyn, African inspired design is taking over the industry. What are the influences, who are the designers and where can you find their work? Brooklyn designers from Moshood to Guereje are African, more precisely, Nigerian. How does the Nigeria factor influence design? Or is it a West African aesthetic? From fabric to furniture, is Africa the source of pleasure and design inspiration? What’s going on for Egypt and South Africa in travel and food?

May/June: Travel Issue: Escape to the world from Brooklyn.

What are Brooklynites hottest destination – the Caribbean Africa, Europe or the US? This issue we explore the vacation spots and what types of vacations are available – from spas to resorts to eco-tours. We look at immigration and what changes are occuring in this newest invasion into Brooklyn from Manhattanites to Africans, whose coming to this city.

July/August: Summer and Home Issue:

From bikinis to rollerbrades in Prospect Park and Coney Island, what are the key events and places to hang out this summer in Brooklyn. What are our fashion cues, our health needs and what kind of homes do we open up for the summer. This issue we celebrate Brooklyn homes and apartments. We highlight homeowners and share secrets of buying and selling. We showcase hot neighborhoods and explore summer trends.

September/October: Business and Finance Issue:

Whose managing your finance? Where can you get help and what are the things to do for your business and finance now? This issue takes a look at your personal finance and business needs? We explore money and its affects on your life. Whose making it in Brooklyn and who is not? What are the problems facing Brooklynites when it comes to money and finances?

November/December: The Holiday Issue:

Where do Brooklynites go for Thanksgiving? What Brooklyn’s holiday celebrations are unique? From Hannukah, Christmas to Kwanzaa, where do you go to get those great gifts? This issue looks at entertaining, table settings and gifts. It features our Holiday preview and holiday catalog.




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