December 26, 2009

Please contact us for more details at info@calabarmag.comThese rates are valid for 2011-2012.

Calabar Magazine has three advertising rates to select from:

Regular Rates

This rate only has 5 advertising size options:

1. FULL PAGE AD costs $200 - Size 4.25″ wide x 6.25″ high, pay below

2. HALF PAGE AD costs $100 - Size 4.25″ wide x 3.125″ high, pay below

3. 1/3 PAGE AD costs $75 – Size 4.25″ wide x 2.08″ high, pay below

41/4 PAGE AD costs $50 - Size 2.125″ wide x 3.125″ high, pay below

5. 1/8 PAGE AD costs $50 - Size 2.125″ wide x 1.55″ high, pay below


Ad Sizes and Prices

CALABAR has a online newsletter that goes to 70,000 subscribers.  The rates to advertise:

  • Dedicated Newsletter - $400
  • Short Profile with image and link- $200
  • Banner Ad with image and link -$100
  • Name and Link Ad - jusk link, no image $50
  • Link Only, $25
Email Ad Rates

Banners on our Website

We have 3 kinds of banners for a monthly ads. We reserve the right to accept or deny each ad on our website:

  • Large (728 x 90)- $200 - There are 4 spaces available per month
  • Medium (468x 60)- $150 - There are 2 spaces available per month
  • Small (125 x 125)- $50 - There are 10 spaces available per month
  • These rates are for the homepage while other pages are 50% less.
Banner Ad Rates

Banner or Link Exchange on our Website

We exchange links with your website that reflect synergies and market reach that we are seeking to expand for the magazine. We would like to be informed about all links and banners and we reserve the right to accept or refuse a link exchange. Email us at for a banner or link exchange.



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