African Shamanism and Healing in Brooklyn

December 28, 2009 Culture, Travel & Heritage, Features

by Julie R. Spooner, Ph.D.

Two years ago, I set out to establish an African-centered healing center in Brooklyn.

As a holistically-oriented psychologist, I longed to set up a group practice with other holistic healers along with a yoga center. As I began my outreach efforts to recruit healers, I found myself inundated with folks who practice the more esoteric healing arts. One woman spoke of being a shaman who does soul retrieval, another spoke of past life regression, another spoke of DNA reconfiguration, kinesiology, muscle testing and the like.

Initially I resisted, determined to collaborate with more well-known kinds of healers: herbalists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. As the trend continued, I eventually surrendered, and began to learn of the great panoply of healing forms.

Soon I would get a soul retrieval myself. In this method of healing, a shaman travels through time, connecting to disembodied portions of your spirit that were lost through trying experiences. I consulted a woman who came highly recommended, though she lived in another part of the country. Since the work is done in other realms, the location of the practitioner is irrelevant.

Shortly after experiencing this healing, I ended up connecting with the practice of shamanic journeying. I began to travel, in spirit, often across time to other dimensions. I was initiated in these realms when several beings dismembered me in various ways. When this is experienced in other realms, it is not a painful process.

Early into my journeying experiences, I was led into a double-sided pyramid structure known as a merkaba, with the sun as its ceiling. Soon I was to travel into the sun, and experience the exquisite garden of healing that lies within. This paradise corresponds to the Garden of Eden: with its intense healing properties, it is the source of all life. I also learned how to perform extractions on myself, removing harmful entities from my etheric body. Through the process of removing these objects, I was shown several past lives; one when I was enslaved, one when I was a mountain, and another that took place in medieval France.

I have also connected with extremely powerful guides. Tehuti, the scribe of the gods in the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) tradition, made himself know to me nearly two years ago. He is also the god of wisdom. Tehuti has blessed me with many sacred teachings. During our first encounter he appeared in his usual form, carving into a stone tablet. As he carved, light peered from the symbols:

When you read the words of Tehuti
You perceive truth.
It is direct revelation
And you travel across dimensions.

It has been an honor to be in his presence and to be imparted with his wisdom.

The gifts I have been given as a result of entering the path of shamanism are too numerous to mention. I have also ventured across the veil to talk to those who have recently died, as they impart messages to the living. And I have been shown healing methods that were used thousands of years ago, such as the use of energy grids enhanced by crystals.

While my “regular” therapy practice continues, for those who are open I have been able to incorporate my shamanistic practices. In particular, I have begun to do healing work with the spirits of gemstones; a method known as crystal layouts. When I place the gemstones I am able to see spirit guides, and the spirits of the gems interact with the person’s etheric body and spirit. This leads to a profound level of healing, across multiple dimensions. Those who have experienced it have reported a sense of balance as well as certain shifts in consciousness. Thus, in addition to psychotherapy I have begun to offer crystal layouts, as well as to incorporate the wisdom of my guides into my work.

Needless to say, the Sakhu Healing Arts Center was indeed established, as an extension of my private practice. It is a sanctuary serving the African diaspora with yoga, meditation, healing circles and workshops, as well as cultural events and an afterschool/ summer youth program. I just completed a workshop series on shamanism and I hope to soon continue this series. I am also looking for those who are interested in studying the wisdom that has been imparted to me by these illustrious spirit guides; an institute of shamanic studies, as requested by Tehuti.

It is truly an exciting time to be on this planet!

Julie R Spooner Ph.D., licensed psychologist, runs the Sakhu Healing Arts Center and can be reached at (718) 773-3338


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